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Jun 23 2017 - Canada Games Trials set for Tonight !

The stage is set for a very competitive weekend at the Canada Games Stadium in beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick. As part of Saint John’s East Coast Games the track and field events will begin Friday evening, with a full complement of events running until late Sunday afternoon. This meet is a very important event for New Brunswick Track and Field Athletes, as they compete for a spot on the New Brunswick Canada Games team to be named following this weekend’s competition. The successful athletes awarded a place on Team NB will travel to the 50th Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba to compete from July 28th until August 1st.

New Brunswick has several athletes who are in positions to claim a spot on the podium in Winnipeg this summer.

Veronica Coombes of Moncton will be looking for a good performance to complement her success to date and looking to secure a place on Team NB.

Laura Dickinson of Miramichi will compete in the 3000m steeplechase and the 5000m distance. Laura has already achieved A+ standard in both events in the months leading up to this competition. She will look to improve these fast times as she looks to secure a spot on the NB team.

Miramichi native Jennifer Bell also enters this weekend having achieved the A + standard in shotput during this outdoor season.

After an excellent academic season, Saint John’s Nick MacMackin will continue to build on his success as he looks to secure his place on Team NB competing in the 800 m. He will be competing with Adrew LeBlanc of Fredericton one of Canadas top Junior 800m runners.

Jack Berkshire , of Fredericton is the top seed in the mens 400m and 200m .

Adrien Kinney is another athlete to watch over the weekend. He will be on the starting line of both the 100m and 200m races. Adrien will be challenged by a young Jordan Henri who despite his age has surprised many since the beginning of this track season.

Jordan Henri of Moncton a youngest on the team will be one to watch in the 100m and 200m.

Tess Macdonald of Fredericton will also be looking to secure her place on Team NB in both long jump and triple jump.

Finally, after a strong performance at the Canadian Championship, Allain Doucet of Dieppe will be looking to qualify for Team NB in the Decathlon.

It all happens this weekend at the Canada Games Stadium in Saint John, NB, with the competition running Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is an open invitation to all, come out and take in a great weekend of track and field.

The 2017 Canada Summer Games Trials and East Coast Games meet kicks off on Friday, June 23. The Saint John Canada Games Stadium is hosting this exciting meet which runs from June 23rd to 25th. New Brunswick’s top athletes will be competing for a spot on New Brunswick’s team set to travel to Winnipeg Manitoba for the Canada Summer Games at the end of July.

Jun 22 2017 - JDLF Profile: Shelley Doucet -On making it all happen.

As our team prepares for The Jeux de La Francophonie in Africa , we will be featuring ANB athletes from the team over the next 6 weeks. Today we present you New Brunswick Fastest ever female Marathoner Shelley Doucet

Words by Grace Annear 

Shelley Doucet -On making it all happen.

For Shelley Doucet, life is hectic. But she likes it that way.


When I first met Dr. Shelley Doucet, it was obvious that she’s a long distance runner. We were in an airport, her long hair was in a ponytail, and a pair of Salomon trail shoes swung from her backpack. A slight woman, her limbs convey the wiriness that only exists in mileage-hardened muscle. When she greeted me, there was a dual sense of intelligence and grit. It was immediately clear that, no matter the pursuit, this person has passion.


With the amount of success she’s had, it’s hard to believe that she’s only been running competitively for just over three years. In the heavy wind and 100% humidity of last October’s Toronto Waterfront Marathon, she crossed the line at 2:48.55. That time booked her ticket to the World Francophone Games.


What’s even more incredible, though, is how she balances her heavy training load with family life and an intense, full-time career.


The most highly educated member of Team Nouveau Brunswick—Canada, Shelley holds a Bachelor in Nursing degree from UNB, a Masters in Nursing from the University of Western Ontario, and a PhD in Interdisciplinary studies from UNB. She also completed post-doctorate work at UBC. Currently, she is an associate professor and Jarislowsky Chair in Interprofessional Patient-Centered Care at UNBSJ.


Her days look something like this:


Wakes up at 4:30 in the morning and either starts her workday or goes for a run, depending on the weather. She and her husband Evan wake the kids up at 6:30 and get them ready for the day. She walks her 7 year-old son and two Airedale Terriers to the bus stop. If she has not yet gone for her morning run, she starts her run from the bus stop to save time.  After her run, she then heads into work or works from home. Does yoga or lifts weights at lunch. In the late afternoon, does a second shorter run before supper. “After 5pm I’m home with the family. I rarely train after 5pm. It’s a general rule of mine and it works really well.” 


Her flexible research job allows her to train the way she does, because most of the work can be done at any hour. Shelley works within the health care system, and her research studies the ways in which health care providers, social services, and education services can improve their mutual integration. “It’s based on exploring the needs of patients, and determining the gaps in the system, and then figuring out how to help fill in the gaps,” Shelley says. “It’s really exciting and meaningful work.”


Her natural penchant for hard work translated directly into her approach with racing and training. With that tenacity, though, came a few lessons to be learned.


“When I first started training [for marathons], I was really impatient. I wanted it all right away. I wanted big PBs, and I wanted to run the high mileage to get me there.”


“I kept getting injured. Most injuries came from inactive glutes, and once tightness started, I’d continue to run through it.” The choice to push through pain always resulted in taking a step backwards. “Then, the problem would get worse, and I’d be out for 3 months. I’d have to start all over again, from scratch.”


Two changes made all the difference. The first was hiring a coach. The second was learning to take care of herself.


“I knew I needed a coach to hold me back and help me train smarter,” Shelley says. “I spoke with Gabe Leblanc, who suggested that John Lofranco, the coordinator for Road Running Athletics Canada, would be a good fit for me.”


John’s training approach prioritizes quality in workouts and recovery on easy days. In 2016, Shelley was finally injury free.


“I think I’m a very difficult athlete to coach. I’m very impatient. I wanted 200k weeks right off the get go, and I find it hard to hold myself back.”


Shelley’s coach taught her to check her motivations for racing. He encouraged her to pair down her competition schedule, and taught her the right moments to race and the right times to hold back. “I tend to finish a race and immediately start planning the next,” she says. In the past, this tendency stopped her from listening to her body’s needs and over-racing instead. After one race, when Shelley was fired up and read to go, her coach took her aside and forbade her from talking or thinking about racing for an entire week.


“I need to take the time to digest my races and not focus everything on racing. He makes me step back and be sure that I prioritize my long-term progress over my short-term ambitions.” 


As she consistently amped up her mileage, she started eating healthier, and included natural anti-inflammatories [such as turmeric] to boost her recovery between workouts. She also started using Liv9 products – an iron supplement, balance and energy multi-vitamin, and their post-workout shakes – to help refuel her body’s needs. “I’m always educating myself more in sport and in training. Nutrition has also proven pretty crucial.”


So far, 2017 has been jam-packed for Shelley Doucet, and it’s only up from here. After two years in the making, her research team launchedNaviCare/SoinsNavi, a virtual center that helps young patients and their families navigate the complex health care system. She ran a provincial record of 2:45.46 at the Boston Marathon. She has spent many evenings cheering on the local Sea Dogs hockey team with her family, and her four-year-old daughter has even developed a crush on one of the Sea Dogs – Fleaburn. She’s built up to over eleven hours of minute-mileage a week. And, she’s going to compete on an international stage.


“I know training smart and consistently is a process that will eventually pay off,” she says. “In the end, what I love about this process is always striving to get the best out of myself.”



You can follow Shelley’s journey to JDLF through ANB or through her social media @shelleydoucet3

Jun 18 2017 - New-Brunswick Provincial Championships Recap

Athletics New-Brunswick held the Provincial Championships yesterday in Rexton. Other than some morning showers, the weather in the afternoon was uncharacteristically cooperative. With only a few illegal winds, it was a great last chance to hit some standards before Canada Games Trails which are being held next weekend at the East Coast Games. ASEA won the point tally of the championships walking away with the provincial banner.

Gabriel leblanc, the Technical Director of Athletics New-Brunswick shared his excitement about the Provincial Championships,

"This past weekend was a great sneak peak of what we could see next weekend at the East Coast Games. The caliber of competition that we saw this past weekend along with the determination that we saw in these athletes, goes to show the excitement that we can expect this coming weekend! Athletics New-Brunswick has never had this many competative athletes, in so many different events, at the same time." 

 Some of the exciting performances are as follows,

Janelle Allanach of ASEA ran a great time of 27.85 in the 200m to win first, and 44.86 in the 300m to finish second.

Mackenzie hall of Fast Tracks also ran a great time in the 300m with 43.47 to finish first.

Robyn Davis of Fast Tracks and Gedeline Pitre of ASEA had a close finish in the 400m with Robyn wining at the line with a time of 1:01.47 and Gedeline close behind with a time of 101:62.

Danielle Keefe of Fast Tracks won both the 1200m with the 3:49.10, and the 2000m with a time of 6:48.36.

Adrian Kinney ran the province’s best time in the 100m of the season, not to mention in a couple of years, with a time of 10.97 in the final.

Jordan Henri of ASEA also ran a good time in the 100m of 11.02 putting him close behind Adrian.

Michael Colford of Fast Tracks walked away with first place in the mens 1500m with a time of 4:00.08.

Craig Thorne of Saint John Track Club ran an amazing time of 14.94 in the 110m Hurdle, breaking the 15 second mark.

Brandon Cleghorn of ASEA jumed the B standard for Canada Games in High Jump and finished the competition with a jump of 1.86m.

Full results can be found here:

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