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Jun 21 2010 - Hershey Atlantic Championships

Congratulation to everyone that took part in the Hershey Provincial championship! A reminder that if you finished top 6th in your event you have qualified for the Hershey Atlantic championship taking part in Dieppe track on July 7th (Event starts at 4h30) Athletes must register for this event by going to the deadline for registration in July 5th. Athletes can only enter into the events they qualify in. All registrations will be checked against the results from the Provincial Hershey meets from each province.

Jun 17 2010 - Kellar runs fast in Indianapolis

Hampton's own Adam Kellar ran a superb 1500m last night in Indianapolis. Adam finnished 9th in the American Milers Club  High Performance Series. his tiome of 3:45.77 is the fastest time run by a new brunswicker in over 15 years! Congrats Adam keep up the good work.

Jun 7 2010 - 2010 NBIAA Provincials Championships -2 records fall!

In VERY wet conditions, over 400 athletes competed at the 2010 NBIAA Track and Field Championships. Unfortunately, some events had to be canceled due to safety reasons.  


Despite the bad weather many athletes achieved personal best and some even broke NBIAA records.

-With a toss of 40.89 Lindsay Gauvin (ESN) establishes a new record in the senior girls Javelin. She also finished 2ndin the senior girls 200m.

-With a run of 49.04 Adam Gaudes (FHS) broke his own senior boys 400m record.


Other notable results include :

-Sarah Taplin (MHS) won the junior girls long jump and the 100m dash.

-Amy Lynn Grant (ESN) was 1stin the junior girls 200m dash and 2ndin the 100m

-Kate Robinson (SJHS) was 1stin the junior girls 1500m and 2ndin the 3000m

-Pascale Ouellette (ESA) won the senior girls triple Jump and finished 2ndin the long jump

-Samantha McDonald (MVHS) won the senior girls High jump and long jump

-Lynette Manuel (OHS) won the senior girls 3000m and also finished 2ndin the 1500m

-Morgan Hawkes (FHS)won the senior  girls 1500m while finishing 2ndin the 800m.

-Sarah Myatt (FHS) was the first senior girl to cross the finish line in the 800m and also finished 2ndin the 400m

-Nick McMackin (SJHS) was a triple winner in the junior division winning the 400m, 800m and 1500m.

-Alex Guest (CNHS)won the junior boys 100m and 200m.

-Alex Stuart (RHS) 1stin the senior boys 100m and 200m , also finished 2ndin the 400m Hurdles

- Chris Robertson(BMHS) won the senior boys High jump and the discus.

-Matt McNeil won the and 3000m & 1500m in the senior boys division while also finishing 3rdin the 800m to finish a busy day.

-Pascal Desjardin (ESN) won the junior boys long jump and also finished 2ndin the 100m.


Full results can be found here

Jun 1 2010 - University of Windsor Open

We also had a number of our athletes compete at the University of Windsor Open, in Ontario.

Adam Kellar ran a superb 1500m in a new personal best time of 3:48.70 . This time ranks Adam 9th in the country for senior men.

Ryan Cassidy ran 9:22.52 in the 3k steeplechase this ranks Ryan 3rd in Canada in the junior boys 3000m Steeple.

Nadine Frost ran a very good 1500m in 4:35.32 to finnish 4th .While Lydia Frost was 5th with 4:35.64 

Genevieve Lalonde ran a 10:33.24 in the 3000m Steeplechase. This time is not only a new provincial record and the top time in Canada for junior girls BUT also the Top time in North America.   Congrats Gen!

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