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Mar 18 2019 - Henri, Vringer and Bourque take top spots and set records at Hershey Canada 2019 Athletics Canada Indoor Championships

Jordan Henri was unstoppable as he clenched not only one title, but two with incredible ease at this weekend’s Athletics Canada Indoor Championships that were held at the Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard in Montreal. Henri, of Moncton was New Brunswick’s top performer with a Gold medal in the 200m Saturday in a time of 22.34, which was also a new Championship record. If you think that’s impressive, Henri returned to the track Sunday morning in the 60m preliminary rounds and cruised to win his heat, qualifying for the final later in the afternoon, where naturally- he won. In under seven seconds. Henri was the only competitor to cross the finish line in under seven seconds with a final time of 6.99.

Erin Vringer of Saint John took home some hardware as well with a first-place finish in the U16 800m and a second-place finish in the 1200m. Erin’s 800m Gold medal on Saturday marked a new Championship record in a time of 2:18.09- also conveniently a new provincial record for Vringer. Sunday, Vringer toed the line in the 1200m, where she led the majority of her race, but in the final fifty metres, was overtaken by Vancouver’s Maya Baechler by four one hundredths of a second.

Samuel Bourque of Notre-Dame was another ‘Golden Boy’ with the winning Men’s U20 Shot Put in a new Championship record launch of 14.93m, just shy of a New Brunswick U20 record. His competition was a nail-biter, leaving his best throw for last, something most athletes struggle to do. Bourque threw a few 13-metre throws in the 6-throw competition, with one 14.22m throw in the third round. This throw, already being a new personal best for Bourque, was not enough. In the final round of competition, he edged ahead of Kingston’s Zachary Deir with his impressive gold-medal winning throw. Samuel also competed in the Weight Throw with a fourth-place finish.

Other notable performers of the weekend were Francois Richard of Dieppe who ran to a silver medal in the U18 3000m in a time of 9:18.00, and a bronze medal in the 1500m with a time of 4:17.38. Amélie Cormier of Caraquet is bringing home a silver and bronze in the 3000m and 1500m respectively. These are both impressive personal bests for Cormier with a 11:46.12 and 5:22.07. Micah Landry and Amelia Reid both picked up bronze medals at the Championships. Landry, of St.Stephen took third in a very exciting U16 1200m run Sunday morning, overtaking Quebec’s Edward Marsh in the homestretch. Reid, of Fredericton soared high over the U18 High Jump bar as she jumped to a third-place finish with a height of 1.50m.

Rounding out the medals for New Brunswick were the U18 Girls and Boys 4x200m relay teams. The girl’s team, from ASEA made up of Moncton’s Janelle Allanach, Emily Doucet, Miramichi’s Erika Blackmore, and Riverview’s Shelby MacIsaac. The girls ran a phenomenal relay and set a new Provincial Record in an impressive time of 1:50.32 to finish in third place and pick up a bronze medal. The boy’s team, from ASEA made up of Moncton’s Gabriel Gagne, Cocagne’s Max Mazerolle, Moncton’s Austin Wamboldt and Hacheyville’s Brandon Haché ran a fast race, narrowly missing the provincial record in a time of 1:38.60 to take home the silver medal.

Results of all New Brunswick athletes can be found below.


Erin Vringer (SJTC)- 800m: 2:18.09 (1st); 1200m: 3:44.02 (2nd)

Jocelyne Allanach (ASEA)- Shot Put: 8:51m (5th); Weight Throw: 11.14m (4th )- Provincial Record

Kiersten Hicks (ASEA)- High Jump: 1.50m (4th)

Shanna Comeau (ASEA)- 200m: 28.75 (21st); 60m: 8.56 (14th)

Erika Despres (AETO)- 200m: 27.94 (10th); 60m: 8.59 (16th)

Micah Landry (SJTC)- 800m: 2:10.13 (4th); 1200m: 3:40.00 (3rd)

Quinn Sullivan (SJTC)- 200m: 26.93 (8th); 60m: 8.29 (6th)


Erika Blackmore (ASEA)- 200m: 27.94 (19th); 60m: 8.28 (14th)

Janelle Allanach (ASEA)- 200m: 27.58 (18th); 400m: 1:02.95 (9th)

Shelby MacIsaac (ASEA)- 200m: 26.14 (4th); 60m: 16.52 (24th); 400m: DNS

Emily Doucet (ASEA)- 800m: 2:25.20 (5th); 400m: 1:02.75 (8th)

Amelia Reid (FLTC)- High Jump: 1.50m (3rd)

Francois Richard (ASEA)- 3000m: 9:18.00 (2nd); 1500m: 4:17.38 (3rd)

Austin Wamboldt (ASEA)- Triple Jump: 11.21 (6th); Long Jump: 5.24 (11th)

William Patterson (ASEA)- 200m: 27.83 (29th); 60m: 8.52 (17th)

Brandon Haché (ASEA)- 200m: 24.28 (18th); 60m: 7.52 (9th)

Gabriel Gagne (ASEA)- 200m: 24.91 (23rd); 60m: 7.79 (14th)

Tristan Morneault (ASEA)- 3000m: 9:39.18 (4th); 1500m: 4:22.94 (5th)

Andon Morneault (ASEA)- 3000m: 10:20.96 (8th); 1500m: 5:00.36 (12th)

Cameron Harris (SJTC)- 800m: 2:11.03 (9th); 400m: 56.32 (19th)

Owen Enstrom (ASEA)- 800m: 2:11.83 (10th); 400m: 54.20 (15th)

Max Mazerolle (ASEA)- Pentathlon: 2830pts (5th) Provincial Record; Long Jump (5th)


Amélie Cormier (ACAN)- 3000m: 11:46.12 (2nd); 1500m: 5:22.07 (3rd)

Jordan Henri (AETO)- 200m: 22.34 (1st); 60m: 6.99 (1st)

Samuel Bourque (ASEA)- Shot Put: 14.93m (1st); Weight Throw: 15.42m (4th)

Craig Thorne (SJTC)- 60mh: 8.27/prelims, DQ/finals (4th); 60m: 7.32 (7th)

Jonathan Roy (ACAN)- 800m: 2:16.13 (7th); 1500m: 4:40.40 (6th)

“Athletics New Brunswick is very pleased with all of our athlete’s performances this weekend” said Julia Loparco, team lead this weekend. “Coming away with 13 medals is something to be proud of, and having the experience at a larger-scale event such as these Championships has helped put the sport into perspective for many of our younger athletes. It’s exciting that most of our athletes reached faster times, higher heights and farther throws this weekend and they’re hoping to carry on this momentum into the summer season starting next month”.

You can find the full results of the Championships here:

Mar 14 2019 - Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships 2019

This weekend, Montreal’s Complexe sportif Claude-Robillardwill host the 2019 Hershey Canadian Indoor U16/U18/U20 Championships. This is sure to be an action-packed weekend with some of the top up-and-coming Canadian track stars taking to the track to compete for a National Championship. New Brunswick is sending a very exciting contingent with many of our athletes looking for the title of “National Champion”. Here’s a few athletes to watch:

Jordan Henri (AETOS) of Moncton is currently ranked in the number one position in both the U20 60m and 200m going into this weekend’s Indoor National Championships, and is looking to clench the number one spots in both races. Erin Vringer (SJTC) of Saint John is ranked 1st in both the 800m and 1200m in the U16 category and will look to come out on top in both events. Craig Thorne (SJTC) of Quispamsis is ranked first in the 60m Hurdle event for this weekend, and will also be competing in the 60m dash. Shelby MacIsaac (ASEA) of Riverview is going into the U18 400m ranked first, the 200m ranked 4th and will also be competing in the 60m. Amélie Cormier (ACAN) of Caraquet is ranked first in the U20 3000m and third in the 1500m. Micah Landry (SJTC) of St. Stephen is currently ranked fourth going into this weekend’s U16 1200m, and will also be racing the 800m. Francois Richard (ASEA) of Dieppe is ranked second in the U18 3000m and will also be competing in the 1500m. Tristan Morneault (ASEA) of Dieppe is right behind Francois Richard in the 3000m standings, coming in ranked 4th in the U18 3000m, and will look to move into medal contention. Samuel Bourque (ASEA) of Notre-Dame is ranked second in the U20 Shot Put, and fourth in the Weight Throw. Max Mazerolle (ASEA) of Cocagne is ranked fourth going into the U18 Pentathlon- an event which is comprised of 5 events in one day including the 60m Hurdles; Long Jump; Shot Put; High Jump and 1000m. Max will also compete in the U18 Long Jump. Kiersten Kicks (ASEA) of Dalhousie is ranked 3rd in the U16 High Jump and is looking to maintain a top-three placement in the event. Amelia Reid (FLTC) of New Maryland is ranked 2nd in the U18 High Jump and will look to reach new heights with a top-three finish.


Other athletes competing for the Saint John Track & Field Club (SJTC) include:

- Quinn Sullivan- U16 60m & 200m

- Cameron Harris- U18 400m & 800m

- Shanna Comeau- U16 60m & 200m


Other athletes competing for Athletisme Sud-Est/South East Athletics (ASEA) are:

- Gabriel Gagne- U18 60m & 200m

- Brandon Haché- U18 60m & 200m

- William Patterson- U18 60m & 200m

- Owen Enstrom- U18 400m & 800m

- Andon Morneault- U18 1500m & 3000m

-  Austin Wamboldt- U18 Long Jump & Triple Jump

- Erika Blackmore- U18 60m & 200m

- Janelle Allanach- U18 200m & 400m

- Emily Doucet- U18 400m & 800m

- Jocelyne Allanach- U16 Shot Put & Weight Throw


Competing for AETOS Athletica (AETO) is:

Erika Després- U16 60m & 200m


Competing for Athlétisme Chaleur (ACAN) is:

Jonathan Roy- U20 800m & 1500m

 ANB would like to wish the best of luck to all of our athletes competing in these championships. This competition showcases the top talent in the U16/U18/U20 age categories and New Brunswick has a very strong contingent going into the Championships.

The first event kicks off on Saturday morning at 8:30am ET with the Women’s Weight Throw. You can watch the Championships Live here:

Mar 7 2019 - U Sports T&F Championships Start Today!

Today marks the start of the 2019 U Sports Track & Field Championships. This year's event is held at the University of Manitoba where top New-Brunswick athletes will be giving it their all to best represent their universities. Best of luck to all participants! Links to the schedule, results, entry lists and live stream are available at the bottom of this article.

Adrian Kinney (StFX) - Relays

Alain Doucet (UdeMoncton), Jean-Luc Bastarache (UdeMoncton) and Ryan Evans (UWestern) - Heptathlon

Brandon Cleghorn (UNB) - High jump and long jump

Erin McCavour (UNB) - Long jump

Kyla Hughes (UdeMoncton) - Shot put

Jarod Manuel (UNB) - Shot put and weight throw

Jack Berkshire (UofT) - 300m, 600m & relays

Lexie Shannon (UNB) and Victoria LeBlanc (UNB) - Triple jump

Samantha Taylor (StFX) - Relays

Tim Brennan (StFX) - 600m & Relay


Entry lists

Live feed

Live results

2019-03-18 - Henri, Vringer and Bourque take top spots and set records at Hershey Canada 2019 Athletics Canada Indoor Championships
2019-03-14 - Hershey Canadian Indoor Championships 2019
2019-03-07 - U Sports T&F Championships Start Today!
2019-02-27 - NB at AUS Championships 2019
2019-02-27 - 2019 Atlantic Championships

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