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Jul 3 2018 - New Brunswick athletes ready for Track and Field National Championships

Ottawa will play host to the Canadian Track and Field Championships set to run from July 3rd through the 8th. This year's Canadian Track and Field Championships will also serve as a selection trial for the 2018 North American, Central American and Caribbean Championships (NACAC Championships) which will take place the second week of August in Toronto. New Brunswick will once again  be well represented with 22 athletes set for our nation's capital.

New Brunswick senior athletes travelling to Ottawa to compete include:

Olympic Finalist and Pan American medalist Genevieve Lalonde of Moncton is set to compete in the 3000m Steeplechase, which she is ranked first going into the competition, and the 1500m. Lalonde will steeple on the 5th at 20:30 and will run the 1500m at 11:00 on the 6th.

Sarah MacPherson of Fredericton, who represented Team Canada at the 2017 International university sports federation (FISU) Summer Universiade, will compete with Lalonde in the 1500m which is set to take off at 11:00 on the 6th.

Victoria LeBlanc of Saint John will compete in the 200m and long jump. LeBlanc will begin competing on the 5th at 11:00.

Ryan Evans of Saint John will be competing in the decathlon. He is competing in the decathlon and is rank first in this event.

Brady Graves of Saint John and Michael Colford of Fredericton will both compete in the 1500m (which will start at 11:20 on the 6th) with Graves competing in the 5000m as well (which will start at 21:15 on the 5th), and Colford in the 800m with teammate Andrew LeBlanc (which is set to go at 19:15 on the 5th).

Braden Harrison of Fredericton who is ranked 3rd in the province for both the 100m and 200m and who is also the New Brunswick indoor record holder for the 200m race will sprint in the 100m and 200m.

Bristol’s Adrian Kinney who is currently ranked first in the province for the 100 m will also be a strong competitor in the 100m and 200m. Kinney will run on the 5th at 11h15.

The New Brunswick 300m indoor record holder Jack Berkshire of Fredericton will compete in the 400m and will begin racing on the 5th at 13:45.

Timothy Brennan of Beachwood will also compete in the 400m (ranked 2nd provincially with a time of 51.08) and the 400m hurdles.

Bridget Brennan also of Beachwood will race the 400m hurdles. Both of the Brennans will be competing on the morning of the 5th at 9:00.

Sydney MacDonald of Miramichi and Chris Robertson of Moncton will compete in mulit-events. MacDonald will participate in the Women's Heptathlon while Robertson will compete in the Men's Decathlon. The competition for them will start on the 3rd day of July.

The New Brunswick junior and U23 110m hurdle record holder Clint Steeves from Riverglade will compete in the 110m hurdles, competing on the 5th at 12:10.


New Brunswick Para athletes travelling to Ottawa to compete include:


Six-time New Brunswick record holder Jacob LeBlanc of McQuade will compete in the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and 1500m in class 54. LeBlanc will begin to compete on the 4th at 11:00.

Nine-time New Brunswick record holder James Brace of Intervale will compete in the Shot put, Javelin and Discus throw in Class 56. Brace's competition will start on the 4th at 12:00.


New Brunswick (U20) athletes travelling to Ottawa to compete include:


Kenneth McGovern of Saint John will participate in the 200m and 400m and will start her events on the 5th at 10:45.

Mackenzie Hall of Fredericton and Joëlle Leger of Dieppe will participate in the 400m which will run at 13:00 on the 5th. Hall will also compete in the 800m, while Leger will be competing in the long jump event.

Dawson Nancekievill from Hartland and Alexi Roy from Beresford will compete in the 800m on the 6th at 18:50. Nancekievill will also compete in the 1500m on the 6th at 12:00.

Danielle Keefe of Fredericton will compete in the 1500m and 3000m. Keefe will begin racing at 19:50 on the 5th.

Sophie Black of Dieppe, who was previously ranked 9th in the country this past indoor season for the women's pentathlon, will compete in the Women's Heptathlon. She will begin competition on the 3rd day of July.

Lexie Shannon of Fredericton, who is currently ranked first in the province in the triple jump will participate in this event. Shannon is set to jump at 10:30 on the 6th.

“As you can see there is lots of talent from New Brunswick that will be hitting the track in two weeks' time in Ottawa. Many of these athletes have previously competed on the national stage, and this is another great opportunity to showcase New Brunswick’s talent! We want to wish them the best of luck in achieving personal bests and breaking records!" -Gabriel Leblanc, Technical Director of Athletics New Brunswick.


A live stream will be available when the action starts at:

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2018-08-31 - ANB Running Seminar Caraquet September 8 & 9
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