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18 Jun 2018 - New Brunswick's Brace and LeBlanc shine at Desert Challenge Games

It was a hot weekend on and off the track in Tempe, Arizona for two of our para athletes Jacob LeBlanc of Moncton and James Brace of Intervale who competed at the Desert Challenge Games at Sun Angel Stadium. With temperatures rising to 47°C, both Jacob and James had very successful weekends in their respective events.

To boot: Jacob broke 5 provincial records in all five events that he partook in and also brings home some hardware with two bronze medals in the 200m and 1500m.

-In the 100m, Jacob broke James Brace’s previous record of 17.76 set in 2011 and set the new record of 16.97.

-In the 200m, he bested his own previous record of 30.69 set at last year’s Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg, setting the new record at 29.67 for a bronze medal performance.

-In the 400m, he dropped over three seconds off his previous record of 1:00.33, and set a new record of 57.22.

-In the 800m, Jacob had a very exciting race, competing in the final against USA’s Daniel Romanchuk who had just set the new World Record for that race in the preliminary rounds. Jacob finished 5th overall in that distance with a new record of 1:56.69.

-Closing out the competition with a bang, in the 1500m Jacob picked up another bronze medal in an exciting race, setting yet another provincial record of 3:44.62.

James Brace also had an exciting competition, finishing 5th in the Javelin with a throw of 17.82, finishing 6th in the Discus with a throw of 17.10m, and finishing off the weekend on an extra high note, in the Shot Put he threw 7.45m to secure him a silver medal in that event.

“This was a great experience for both boys and ANB is very proud of all the successes these guys had in Arizona. We see a lot of potential in Jacob and James, and international events such as these are instrumental in their development as athletes. Jacob medalling twice in his first international competition and being one of the youngest athletes in his class is very exciting! I can’t wait to see what his future holds” says Athletics New Brunswick Executive Director Gabriel LeBlanc.

You can find all results to the competition here: http://www.wingfootfinish.com/result_details.cfm?ResultsID=609

14 Jun 2018 - Championnat écoles Intermédaire compte rendu

(Traduction a venir) On Wednesday, June 14th the Moncton Stadium played host to the 6th annual New Brunswick Middle School Track and field Championships. Over 40 schools with a combined 400 athletes were in attendance. The cool, rainy weather did not hold the athletes back from having great performances both on the track and in the field. Twelve middle school records were set yesterday. George St Middle School from Fredericton won the Girls team banner, while Devon Middle School Of also from Fredericton won the boys banner. 

Top 5 Girls Team

1 George St Middle School GSM 246 2 Bliss Carman Middle BCMS 202.333 3 Devon Middle School DMS 179.166 4 St. Stephen Middle School SSMS 165.5 5 Magnetic Hill School MAGH 91.8333

Top 5 Boys Team

1 Devon Middle School DMS 244.5 2 St. Stephen Middle School SSMS 178.5 3 Magnetic Hill School MAGH 174 4 George St Middle School GSM 166 5 Bliss Carman Middle BCMS 143.5


On the girls side of the meet, six records were broken.
Marisa Cole of George Street tied the current record of 1.30m in the grade 6 girls high jump. Abbi Macleod, of Bliss Carmen, broke the grade 6 softball throw record with a throw of 33.90m.

The grade 7 girls softball record was broke by Avery Ramey of George Street with a throw of 42.20m.


Pr. Elizabeth’s Erin Vringer had an excellent day at the track, breaking records in both of her events. In the grade 8 girls 800m and 1200m races Vringer ran fast times of 2:19.53 and 3:37.64 to claim both record titles. In the grade 8 girls softball Devon Middle’s Hannah Harvey threw 41.80m to break the previous record of 33.42m set in 2010.


In the boys division, six records were set. In the grade 6 boys 1200m event Gabe Smith, of Sir James Dunn, finished with a time of 4:11.48 to claim the record in this event. Smith ran a great race, besting the previous record of 3:57.15 by over 13 seconds. Bliss Carman’s Morgan Stiles is the new record holder in the grade 6 boys softball throw with a throw of 48.30m. Stiles’ impressive throw surpasses the old record of 38.44m by nearly 10m.

 The grade 7 boys softball throw record was broke by Josh McCallum of St. Stephen with a throw of 52.30m.

Tim Bunguay, of Magnetic Hill, threw 55.10m to set the grade 8 boys soft ball record. Devon Middle’s grade 7 boys 4x100m relay team set a new record, finishing in a time of 53.71.


Other notable performances include:

Devon Middle’s Jackson Banks finished first in the grade 7 boys 80m, 150m, and long jump with performances of 10.67s, 20.04s, and 4.54m, respectively.


 Guillaume Basque, of L’Acadie, claimed gold in the grade 8 boys 100m, 200m, and 300m with times of 12.48s, 25.85s, and 40.86s, respectively.

Marisa Cole, of George Street, claimed first in the grade 6 girls high jump and long jump, with jumps of 1.30m and 3.73m, respectively. Cole placed second in the 80m dash with a time of 11.62.

The gold medallist for the grade six girls 80m and 150m dash was Ridgeview Middle’s Courtney Sproule, who finished with times of 11.16s and 21.71s, respectively.


Bliss Carman’s 7th grader Bridget Lange placed first in the girls 800m and 1200m with times of 2:43.34 and 4:24.50.


Sophie Dube of Sainte-Anne claimed first place in the grade 7 girls 80m and 150m with times of 11.29 and 21.32, respectively.


Magnetic Hill’s Jenna McLaughlin took first place in the grade 8 girls 80m hurdles and 200m hurdles with times of 15.32 and 33.46. McLaughlin also competed in the 100m dash, finishing 7th.


Carys Jacobson, of George Street, claimed gold in the grade 8 girls 100m and 200m with times of 12.85s and 27.65s, respectively.


Owen Blacquier of George Street placed first in the grade 7 boys 800m and 1200 races with times of 2:26.68 and 3:56.29. Blacquier also competed in the 150m dash, placing 6th.


Full results available here: http://anb.ca/Results/view-results.php?id=1020

12 Jun 2018 - Entraineurs sélectionnés pour le championnats de la légion

Athlétisme Nouveau-Brunswick a le Plaisir d’annoncer que les entraîneurs suivants dirigeront l’équipe du Nouveau-Brunswick aux Championnats canadiens d’athlétisme des jeunes de la Légion 2018 :

Sue Ellis-Loparco de Saint John (L’entraîneur-chef)

Peter Stuart de Riverview (Entraîneur d’événement)

Alex Stuart de Riverview (Entraîneur d’événement)

Julia Loparco de Saint John (Entraîneur d’événement)

Le programme d’athlétisme de la Légion royale canadienne est un programme sanctionné à l’échelle nationale qui se termine par un champ national d’athlétisme et un championnat national pour les jeunes Canadiens âgés de 14 à 17 ans cette année. L’événement de cette année aura lieu à Brandon, au Manitoba, au cours de la semaine du 10 au 12 août. Les athlètes qui souhaitent faire partie d’Équipe Nouveau-Brunswick doivent participer aux Championnats provinciaux de la Légion (du 7 au 8 juillet) pour être admissibles à la sélection.

« Je suis confiant dans le large éventail de compétences et d’habiletés que ces entraîneurs apporteront à Brandon, et je suis excité de voir comment tout le monde feront au Manitoba », a déclaré Gabriel Leblanc, directeur général d’ANB.


2018-06-18 - New Brunswick's Brace and LeBlanc shine at Desert Challenge Games
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