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 Athlete Development Support Program  

Team Members

(As of May 16 2017)


Grace Annear (800m)

Genevieve Lalonde (1500m, 3000mSC, 1500m [ind], 3000m [ind]) 

Sarah Macpherson (800m, 1500m)

Shayne Dobson (1500m T37)

Laura Dickinson (3000m SC, 3000m [ind])

Andrew LeBlanc (800m [ind])

Nick MacMackin (600m [ind], 1000m [ind])

High Performance

Jack Berkshire (400m, 300m [ind], 400m [ind]) 

Barry Britt (1500m, 5000m, 10000m)

Brady Graves (1500m)

Victoria LeBlanc (400mH)

Sarah Myatt (800m, 1000m [ind])

Véronique Omalosanga (100m, 200m, 60m [ind], 200m [ind])

Christel Robichaud (DT, SP)

Samantha Taylor (100m, 200m)

Michael Colford (3000m [ind])

Jordan Henri (60m [ind], 200m [ind])

Adrian Kinney (60m [ind])

Shelby MacIsaac (200m [ind])

Alex Witmer (HJ [ind])


Abigail Davidson (100m, 200m, LJ, LJ [ind])

Alexa-Maude Mallais (100m, 200m)

Andrew LeBlanc (400m, 800m)

Alec Pineault (SP)

Alex Cormier (TJ)

Braden Harrison (200m)

Bridget Brennan(400mH)

Brianna Forbes (TJ)

Caroline Gagnon (200mH, 60m [ind], 60mH [ind])

Christopher Robertson (Dec.)

Clint Steeves (110mH)

Craig Thorne (100mH, 200mH, 60m [ind], 60m H [ind])

Gedeline Pitre (400m)

Haley McFarlane (LJ)

Hannah Cormier (800m, 1500m, 1500m [ind])

Hannah Trites (800m, 1200m, 1500m [ind]) 

Hanniel Chow (3000m SC)

Jacob LeBlanc (100m, 200m)

James Brace (SP, DT, JT)

Jean Marc Doiron (800m, 1500m)

Jeremie Cyr (HJ)

Jeremie Godin (800m)

Jenna Keilty (3000m)

Kyla Hughes (SP, SP [ind])

Marie-Pier Cloutier (100m, 200m, 60m [ind], 60m H [ind], LJ)

Marco Cormier (JT)

Martine Haché (100m)

Mitchell Kean (800m,1200m)

Magkda Mekonnen (LJ, TJ, TJ [ind])

Melissa Pellerin (JT)

Mickyle Welsh (200m)

Laura Dickinson (1500m, 3000m)

Lexie Shannon (LJ, TJ, TJ [ind])

Rachelle Haché (SP)

Robyn Davis (400m, 800m, 800m [ind])

Ryan Evans (400mh, JT)

Samantha Taylor (100m, 200m) 

Samuel Bourque (DT)

Sara-Eve Noel (DT)

Sébastien LeBlanc (400mH)

Sophie Black (SP, HJ, SP [ind], HJ [ind], 60m H [ind], Pent [ind])

Taylor Dunn (5000m, 3000m SC)

Tess McDonald (TJ, TJ [ind])

Tyrell Marin (100m, 60m [ind], 200m [ind], 300m [ind])

Walker Campbell (SP, DT)

Dan Brown (600m [ind])

Jonathan Gionet (SP, SP [ind])

Sydney MacDonald (60mH [ind])

Matthew McLaughlin (600m [ind])

Artabaz Nazari (60m [ind])


Ashley Cormier (JT)

Alain-Olivier Sirois (HJ, SP)

Annick Leger (HJ, SP, HJ [ind], Sp [ind])

Chelsey Hall (400m, 800m)

Christian Godin (JT)

Emily Haynes MacDonald (1200m, 1500m SC, 1500m [ind])

Emma Coughlan (HJ)

Erin Vringer  (800m, 1200m, 800m [ind])

Frances Wright (1500m SC)

Isabella Lemaire (1200m, 1200m [ind])

Janelle LeBlanc (JT)

Jason Bouchard (200m)

Jean Marc Gaudet (TJ)

Jennifer Bell (SP, SP [ind], 60m [ind])

Jillian Beck (JT, SP)

Joelle Leger (200m, 200m [ind], 60m [ind])

Julia LeBlanc (LJ)

Julia MacPherson (LJ)

Lance Durley (HJ)

MacKenzie Hall (300m, 300m [ind])

Matt McNeil (1/2 marathon)

Monika LeBlanc (400m, 300m [ind])

Nicholas MacLean (HJ)

Olivier Landry (JT)

Olivia Malone (400m)

Pierre-Luc McGraw (HJ)

Stephanie Doiron (HJ)

Josette Bourque (60m [ind])

Hailee Cook (60m [ind])

Anthony Cormier (300m [ind])

Danielle Keefe (800m [ind])

Jana Pfiffer (800m [ind])

Tim Poirier (60m [ind], 200m [ind])

Joshua Shanks (3000m [ind])


Athletics New Brunswick is pleased to announce the launch of our new Athlete Development and Support Program (ADSP), which will provide a framework for assisting our athletes to reach their highest potential through a system of direct and indirect support, designed to provide training and competition opportunities to help ANB athletes compete at the highest levels. 

This new program replaces its two highly successful predecessors, the Podium Program and the High Performance Program, merging them into one cohesive pathway.  The new ADSP model was developed with input from the ANB membership as well as external partners, such as Athletics Canada and the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic.

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